Zach Harris

28477_10150183357445511_738600510_12791535_2972859_nI have been a fan for about 6 years and I thought the performance was even better than I expected plus they played a “new” song. (the English version of “Jack The Ripper”) Also, we got to see all the “classic” stage moves such as Demon standing on his head and throwing apples to the audience. It was also great to hear all the stage talk in English, so this time we actually understood what Demon was saying…and he was a lot funnier than I thought he would be! I never had any idea he talked about “pussy” and “tits” onstage so much! After the Mass was over, I realized that even in Japan, no one would ever get to see them that close up in an environment like that, so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. You could tell how excited the band was, and the louder we cheered, the more excited they became. It was great for me to go absolutely crazy and see the band smiling back at me!

Of course, like all Shinjas, I wish that they would get back together permanently! I really would like to see an entire album of new material, and see all of their recent new recordings played live (such as “Heavy Duty Baby, SURPRISE!, and Pandemic Carriers”). Those are all great songs and I don’t want them to be forgotten about or just thought of as “one-off” songs that will never be heard again.

If the band does decide to tour again, I would love for them to come back to the USA. I hope they realize that most of the fans at the Black Mass in Dallas were actually from all over the United States, so they could play anywhere in the U.S. and would probably get the same type of response! In fact, if they played bigger cities like New York or Los Angeles, they would get an even larger showing of new fans. Also, I would love to see some older Black Masses released on dvd from tours we haven’t seen yet, such as Big Time Changes tour, Frightful Restaurant tour…or possibly even complete shows from other tours such as the 1986 Great Black Mass tour which was released in a heavily cut, 42 minute dvd.

As many have stated, it would be great if the fan club was open worldwide so that people outside of Japan could have access to tickets, posters, toys, shirts, and other merchandise. Ultimately, my main wish is that SEIKIMA II never totally stops and they at least keep doing these “limited reunions” every few years like they have and come back to the states.