John Erigo

5568_1197193204429_1066446106_588796_8368470_nI have been a fan since 2000. It was very frustrating to have discovered the band AFTER they had initially broken up!

I was beyond satisfied with the Dallas Black Mass! After 10 years of buying EVERY concert dvd the band released, it was so exciting to see them live, right in front of me! I could not believe the energy they had! Every band member is so talented. It’s a rare occasion to have that and SEIKIMA II delivered! I think the fact that there was no keyboard player present, made the band sound that much louder and heavier. AWESOME SHOW!!!

My wish is simple. PLEASE come back and play America again, especially NEW YORK and as important, a full album of NEW music! I understand this is a “limited reunion”, but it would be great to get a full album worth of brand new songs!