Helene Lejeune

33994_136497933035944_100000272147893_313196_5639312_nI found out about Seikima-II about a year ago completely by chance while exploring J-Rock thanks to youtube and stumbled upon a live version of “El Dorado” and later “Big Time Changes” and I was completely captivated. Demon Kogure’s voice was so powerful, tears began to well up in my eyes! The rest is history: I’ve been totally taken by the band ever since. I’m 37 but there’s something special about Seikima II that makes me feel like I’m 18 again!

Demon’s voice really touches me. I don’t speak Japanese, but I can feel the emotion in his voice. To me, he’s up there with Bruce Dickinson and Rob Alford. His stage presence is also a huge draw. I can’t keep my eyes off him! He’s a gifted performer who is talented, funny and smart.

With other metal bands, some members seem to fade with the background. Who the heck was the drummer or the bassist? Each member here is interesting with a distinct personality, history and style. These guys are great musicians and they only got better as time went by. Luke plays the most amazing solos! They are very skillful and can play hard fast metal and soaring ballads with mastery.

I had butterflies in my stomach all day before the show in Dallas. I could barely eat! When they came on stage, I had chills all over my body. I could see the goosebumps on my arms and I had tears in my eyes! I forgot who I was, all of my worries and the rest of the world during the Black Mass. I was screaming with others and was taken out of time and space for a brief moment.

People evolve, so do Akuma. So it’s normal to want to widen your horizons. I wish them a lot of success and I will try to support them the best I can. I hope they’ll want to play for us again, with a proper world tour. I wish they’d write more Scriptures too. The English versions are great, but a cd full of new songs would be totally awesome! I’m just dreaming…

Is it a bit crazy to fly to Japan just for a rock concert? Not for a Shinja! It’s our duty!