The Kaiju Bandstand Playlist

Kaiju_BandstandKaiju Bandstand is one of the longest running article series that MAT has published, chronicling the use of kaiju and Japanese SF in rock and roll and popular music, as well as vise versa.

The list that follows is compiled from all published MAT KB articles, with some new additions. This list is ever growing. If you know of something we missed, drop us a line via the comment tab below.

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Animetal, a metal band that covers mostly anime theme music, has also covered the themes of some tokusatsu superhero shows; particularly on their second album ‘Animetal Marathon II: Tokusatsu Collection’ which includes the themes for Kamen Rider, Kikaider 01 and Iron King, among 36 others.
‘A.O.D. Vs Godzilla’ – Adrenaline O.D.
‘The Anguirus Song’ – Matt Bennett
‘Atomic Breath’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘Atomic Superstar’ – Dr. Steel
‘Biotech Is Godzilla’ – Sepultura
‘Bride Of Godzilla’ – Masato Shimon *
‘Brown Gargantuan’ (sic) – Quicksand
‘Creature From The Lava Lagoon’ references Gamera and Mothra – The Bomboras
‘Dance Godzilla’ album
‘Defeat Gigan’ – Susumu Ishikawa (and Tokyo Children’s Choir)*
‘Daikaiju Die!’ – Daikaiju
‘The Daikaiju Who Loved Me’ – Daikaiju
‘Defeat Hedorah’ – Keiko Mari backed by Honey Nights, The Moondrops *
‘Defeat Mechagodzilla’ – Barbara Lynn *
‘Defeat Megalon’ – Masato Shimon *
‘Destroy All Monsters’ – 647F
‘Destroy All Monsters’ – Warfare
‘Destroy All Monsters’ – Raven
‘Destroy All Monsters’ – Ritual Object
‘Destroy All Monsters’ – The Wildhearts
‘Disco Ultraman’ – Artist Unknown
‘(Drawing) Rings Around The World’ – Super Furry Animals, references Tetsuo II: Body Hammer
‘Eleking’ – Chewinggum Weekend
‘Escape From Nebula M Spacehunter’ – Daikaiju
‘Everybody Loves A Chubby Dude’ – Turbonegro, references Godzilla
‘Exercise With Godzilla’ – Artist Unknown, from Godzillaland TV Show
‘Farewell to Monster Island’ – Daikaiju
‘Feel In My Heart’ from War Of The Gargantuas covered by Devo
G Lasts.. Tribute to Godzilla 50th album (featuring Sum 41, SZebrahead, 10-Feet, Stereolab, Felix da Housecat, Mold Bond Akiko, Hoobastank, The Chemical Brothers and Keith Emerson)
‘Free-Bass (Godzillatron Crush) – Funkcronomicon
‘Gamera’ – The Brood
‘Gamera Is Missing’ – Buck Dharma
‘Gargantua’ – Mentallo & The Fixer
Godzilla is mentioned as a disguise in ‘Watashi Wa Ninja’ – The Plastics
‘Giant Godzilla’ – The Barbarellas
‘Giant Robot/Machines In The Modern City/Godzilla’ – Praxis
‘Giant Robot Theme’ – Buckethead
‘Gigantor’ – The Dickies
‘Go Godzilla’ – IKA
‘Go-Go Godzilla’ – Brian Setzer (from ‘Soul Surfer’ soundtrack)
‘Go Go Godzilla’ – Talisman
‘Godzilla’ – Blue Oyster Cult (Covered by: Fu Manchu, MCM & The Monster, Racer X, Radio Tokyo, Smashing Pumpkins, Sebastian Bach)
‘Godzilla’ – Cashamill Anime Boy
‘Godzilla’ – The Creatures
‘Godzilla’ – Jimmy Castor
‘Godzilla’ – Kesha
‘Godzilla’ – King Snake Roost
‘Godzilla’ – Libido Boyz
‘Godzilla’ – Michael Sembello
‘Godzilla’ – Michale Graves
‘Godzilla’ – Red Dragon Punk Funk
‘Godzilla’ – Sperm Of Mankind
‘Godzilla’ – Talizman
‘Godzilla’ – VVS Music
‘Godzilla Akimbo’ – Motorhead
‘Godzilla Christmas’ – The Towels
“Godzilla’s Coming To Town’ – The Destruction Featuring M.C. Godzilla
‘Godzilla Dream’ – Masayoshi Takanaka
‘(Godzilla’s) Eatin’ Dust’ (album title) – Fu Manchu
‘Godzilla Eats Las Vegas’ – Eric Whitacare
‘Godzilla Flick’ – The Flaming Lips
‘Godzilla Folk Song’ – The Victor Youth Folk Association from ‘Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection Box 3’
‘Godzilla’s Lament’ – Evil Scarecrow
‘Godzilla March’ covered by Neil Norman & His Cosmic Orchestra
‘Godzilla March’ rock synthesizer version – artist unknown
‘The Godzilla Remix’  – Mike Relm
‘Godzilla Stomp’ – MC Esoteric
Godzilla Theme “Epic Rock” – Little V
‘Godzilla Vs. King Ghidorah’ – Ryo Okumoto
‘Godzilla Vs. Madonna’ – Artist Unknown
‘Godzilla Vs. Tokyo’ – Zebrahead
‘Godzula’ – M.O.D.
‘Goji-Rap- Artist Unknown
‘Gojira-San’ – Kazuma Nozawa *
Goukai Na Gojira album – Bukimisha Weird Secret Society (acapella versions of Toho science fiction themes)
‘The Great American Nightmare’ by Howard Stern & Rob Zombie from Private Parts soundtrack references Monster Zero and Planet X
‘The Great Monster War’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘The H-Man’ – Prince
‘Hats Off To You (Godzilla)’ – The Groovie Ghoulies
‘Hedorah Attack’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘House Ultraman’ – Artist Unknown
‘Infant Island Blues’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘Jap Flick’ – The Cadillac Tramps
‘Jet Jaguar’ – The Nick Atoms
‘Kaiju Apocalypse’ – Onslaught Six
‘Kaiju Mecha Assault Squad X’ – Experimentations In Irritation
‘Kaiju Otaku’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘Kamen Rider Love Song’ – Berserk
The Kaiju EP (4 versions of ‘Gojira’, 2 of ‘King Caesar’) by Ninjas in Pyjamas
‘Kill The King Ghidrah’ – Seikima II
‘King Of All Monsters’ – Anti-World
‘King of Monsters’ – Tonezee
‘King Of The Monsters’ – Man Or Astro-Man?
‘King Of The Monsters’ – Racer X
‘Lizard King’ – The Groovie Ghoulies
‘Mad For Mothra’ – The Hellcasters
‘Megaro Yasukero’ – Artist Unknown *
‘Monster Christmas’ – Kenbo Kamimari *
‘Monster From Japan’ – MX-80
‘Monster Game’ – Kenbo Rainon *
‘Monster Island’ – The Dickies
‘Monster Island’ – The 3D Invisibles
‘Monster Movie’ – Richard Bone, references several kaiju eiga
The Monster Project band have the ‘Kaiju Daisenso’ album, which reinterprets theme music from many classic tokusatsu eiga.
‘Monster Rap’ references Gamera, Mothra, Rodan & Godzilla’ – Elvira
‘Monster Zero’ – The Queers
‘Monster Zero’ – King Geedorah
‘Monster Zero One’ – Kaiju Daisenso
‘Mothra’ – Anvil
‘Mothra’ – AtomshipDown
‘Mothra’ – The’s
‘Mothra’ – The Frank Chickens
‘Mothra’ – Godflesh
‘Mothra’ – The Long Boards
‘Mothra’ – Monster Island
‘Mothra’ – Those Darn Accordions
‘Mothra Has Taken Tokyo’ -Show Business Giants
‘Mothra Metal’ – Isao Bito & The Peanuts (from ‘Mothra Song The Best’ album)
‘The Mothra Song’ – Bukimisha Weird Secret Society
‘Mothra Vs We Are Scientists’ – We Are Scientists
‘Mu Empire’ – Glassjaw
‘My Pal Angilas’ (Good Ol’ Angilas) – Harumi Aoki *
‘Nothin’ But Godzilla’ – Will Johnson
‘Our Monster Squad’ – Artist Unknown
‘Prelude To Mothra’ – Richard Bone
‘Rodan’ – The Bomboras
‘Rodan’ – Michael Nesmith
‘Rodan Likes Me’ – My Red Jacket
‘Rock Rock Godzilla’ – Masato Shimon
‘Sad Ultron’ – Adam Warrock (samples Ifukube’s score from Gojira’54)
‘Sneaking Godzilla Through The Alley’ – Roy Buchanan
Several tokusatsu related songs – The Angry Samoans
Several Ultraman related songs – Noboru Tsuburaya
‘Showdown in Shinjuku’ – Daikaiju
16 Toho-related songs – Selection
‘Son of Daikaiju’ – Daikaiju
‘Stomp Tokyo’ – The Creeping Cruds
‘Struggling Japanese’ references Godzilla – Seikima II
‘Super X-9’ – Daikaiju
Tribute to Godzilla Album – Loudness (looking for more info on this one)
‘The Trouble With Those Mothra Girls’ – Daikaiju
‘The True Meaning And Purpose Of Life’ references Ultraman – Joshomisho
‘Tokyo Love Song’ – Arrogant Worms
‘Tokyo Stomp’ – The Alder Kings
‘20 Nights With Godzilla’ – Trotsky Icepick
‘What Godzilla Said To God When His Name Was Not Found In The Book Of Life’ – American Music Club
‘Ultra Q Theme’ – The Surf Coasters
‘Ultraman’ – Plum
‘Ultraman Ska’ – Santiago Tamura
‘Ultra Seven no Uta’ – Masaaki Endoh
‘Ultra Seven no Uta’ – Sepultura
‘Up From the Depths’ – Shyaporn Theerakulstit
Various Mothra Songs – Unlimited Dream Company Featuring Nuts
‘V.T.T.L.O.T.F.D.G.F.’ contains several Godzilla references – Fishbone
‘War Of The Gargantuas’ – Heavy Floe
‘War Of The Gargantuas’ – Painter
‘War Of The Gargantuas’ (Album Title) Housecore Records split comp featuring Phil Anselmo and Warbeast
‘Watashi No Tomodachi Gojira’ – Monster Island Plus
‘Wrath of Daimajin’ – Cianide
‘The X From Outer Space’ – Damon Alexander And The Ten Cent Rentals

‘Gargantua’s Last Stand’ contains soundbites from War Of The Gargantuas – Man Or Astro-Man?
Godzilla’s roar heard on Fopp/Screaming Life – Soundgarden
Hikashu used Ifukube themes in live performances
Johnny Sokko theme and Ifukube music used on ‘Giant Robot/Machines In The Modern City/Godzilla’ – Praxis
‘King Of The Monsters’ contains Godzilla ‘54 soundbites – Man Or Astro-Man?
A lot of Toho soudbites – King Geedorah
Music from Kamen Rider Zo used on Electric Head – White Zombie
‘Popcorn Crabula’ contains soundbites from Godzilla Vs The Sea Monster – Man Or Astro-Man?
Seikima II begin performances with Ifukube music and Godzilla roars
Toho monster sound effects heard in Elmer Elevator’s cover of Krave by Shonen Knife

Bootzilla (Bootsy Collins)
Common Rider
Destroy All Monsters
Dick Rodan
Godzilla (UK band)
Godzilla (Indonesian band)
Godzilla Motor Company
Jerry Godzilla (The Telephones)
Jet Jaguar
Kaiju (different band)
Kaiju Daisenso
King Geedorah
King Giddra
King Ghidorah
Johnny Socko (sic)
Malcolm McLaren And The Bootzilla Orchestra
Man Or Astro-Man? (from ‘The Human Vapor’ trailer)
Monster Island
Monster Island Plus
Oxygen Destroyer
Project Moguera
? and The Mysterians
Rodan (different band)
The Science Patrol

Art from Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell appears on first Drags album, Dragsploitation… Now!
Assembled Godzilla model appears on cover of ‘Monsta!’ single – Supernova
Creem magazine feature on KISS in Japan, with kaiju inspired artwork
Gamera is thanked in the liner notes of a Rush album
Giant inflatable Godzilla seen at Grateful Dead shows
Godzilla 2014 footage has been projected at Tripping Daisy shows
Godzilla Vs Megalon footage appears in the video of ‘Blow At High Dough’ by the Tragically Hip
Gudon and Hedorah have appeared on a concert poster for a New Year’s Eve Show by Redd Kross & The Melvins
Hedorah appears on the cover of Sleep Dirt by Frank Zappa
Horizon Godzilla toy appears on the cover of Teri Yakimoto by Guttermouth
Iron Maiden include scenes from Godzilla Vs The Thing in the video for ‘Number Of The Beast’
Kamen Rider appears on the ‘Musik For Insomniaks’ album by Mark Mothersbaugh
Kamen Rider appeared on poster for Shonen Knife
Kamen Rider posters adorned the 1994 Lollapalooza tour
Monster A Go-Go Volume 1 Japanese Garage Rock Compilation features promo photo from Destroy All Monsters
Montage still from Shintoho Starman film appears on the back of ‘Is It… Man Or Astro-Man?’
‘N.W.O.’ Video contains scenes from Yog, Monster From Space – Ministry
Scenes from Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster used in Aerosmith MTV commercial
Seikima II roadies have dressed and imitated the minions of Kamen Rider villains Shocker while on tour
Several photos of KISS in Japan posing with The Last Dinosaur and Godzilla costumes
Trendmasters Godzilla toys have appeared on stage with Rush
Photo from Gojira (1954), aftermath of Godzilla’s destruction on debut album by Kaiju Daisenso
Photo of Joey Ramone posing with a Kamen Rider statue
Poster of the band Ash posing with a Godzilla toy
Ultraman has appeared on stage with the Blue Man Group in Japan
The Ultraman Brothers Band – a Tsuburaya gimmick that had the Ultra Brothers form a rock band

‘Black Moon Symphony’ – Doug Aldrich, from Tekkouki Mikazuki
‘Blue Christmas’ – Char, from Blood Type: Blue
‘Crescent Moon’ – Dokken, from Tekkouki Mikazuki
‘Disco Lives’ – Bourbon Technical Band, used in Legend Of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds
‘Echos Of Love’, ‘Believin’ You’re Mine’ used in Godzilla Vs Space Godzilla – Date Of Birth
End song from Gamera 2, Advent of Legion by Bakuyu Shrimp
Entire soundtrack of zombie film Wild Zero (mostly Guitar Wolf)
‘Gammera’ – The Moons
-Covered by The Phantom Surfers
‘Goodbye Now, Godzilla’ – The Stars Sisters, used in Godzilla 1985
– Covered by Josie Cotton in 2007
‘The Green Slime’ – Charles Fox
– Covered by Josie Cotton in 2007
‘Hoshi No Yo Ni’ by Misia from Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie
Keith Emerson and Sum 41 – Music used in Godzilla Final Wars
‘The Last Dinosaur’ – Nancy Wilson, used in film of same name
‘Love Lives’ – Steven Tyler, from the live action Space Battleship Yamato film
‘March Of The Monsters’ – Unknown artist, used in Godzilla’s Revenge
‘Rain’ – Glay, written by Yoshiki, used in Yamato Takeru
‘The Song Of The Cosmos’ – Godzilla Vs Mothra 1992
– Covered by Josie Cotton in 2007
‘Strange New World’ by Lucy Monostone in MPD Psycho
Theme song for Ultraman 80 by Talisman

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