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Imagine if you will an opportunity for Shinjas to actually ask their favorite band questions in a forum in the United States. Once again it was an unbelievable opportunity that most have not heard of even happening in Japan. What an awesome way to cap off the concert and 2 autograph signings they did at AKON-21 in the Republic of Texas.

The room was packed and the energy was high as the band sat down for their first full-length interview in front of their overseas worship circle. More than one male fan cried, female fans giggled with glee and even musicians were soaking up their incomparable spirit.

Members spoke in Japanese and English with translation graciously provided by AKON staff.

It is very hard for American fans to get merchandise like shirts, posters, and even dvds and cds. Is there any chance that you will open up the fan club to fans worldwide so everyone can have access to merchandise? Also, when will you come back to the USA again?

DEMON: At first we had no way of measuring how many disciples we had in America and outside of Japan, but now after we have had our Black Mass in Dallas we see that we have a lot of disciples. I think. maybe it is time to start considering opening our fan club worldwide. As for another Mass in America, we only have scheduled this Mass in Dallas. This is only a limited reunion, so we don’t have any plans for the future at this maybe.wait 5 more years. (Devilish laugh)

In the past you have used other methods besides music to spread your scripture, such as the Nintendo Famicom game (Akuma no Gyakushu [Demon’s Counterattack] released in 1986) and the anime “Humane Society.” (1992 Fitzbeat Ki/oon Records) Will there ever be more releases such as this? Also, is there a chance that there will be another Satan All Stars?

DEMON: These are all projects that take a lot of time to work on and, “Once again, this is a limited reunion only!”

I was only born as a human. Is there any way I can become an Akuma?


I know this is a limited tour, but where would you like to go after this? Where else would you like to play?

DEMON: There is a plan to do an Asian tour, but this is it for America and Europe.

JAIL: I would like to go any place where we could play our music.

RAIDEN: Jyo tambien pienso asi.

DEMON: Jyo tambien pienso asi.

LUKE: I want to play Dallas again.

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Why did you choose Dallas?

DEMON: The original plan was do several Black Masses in Europe and America for the Limited Reunion Tour. Unfortunately it was very difficult to do any research on where we were popular and where we had disciples. And we received an introduction and invitation to AKON and they thought that we would come here and people would show up here. So it is thanks completely to AKON that we are in Dallas. (Much applause)

Who are your favorite bands?

JAIL: We were asked the same question in an earlier interview so once more we are just going to repeat our answers from that interview. I want to perform with The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

XENON: Tower of Power, do you know? (A few claps)

DEMON: Madonna and Michael Jackson

RAIDEN: AC/DC, Grand Funk and Rush

LUKE: Adam Lambert (much laughter)

Are any of you married?

DEMON: As far as our relations in the human realm, it’s secret!

A Shinja who traveled from New York to Dallas asked in Japanese, If you are walking around without makeup in Japan does anyone recognize you?

RAIDEN: This is not makeup.

AKON STAFF: Didn’t you know that?

DEMON: Occasionally we masquerade as regular humans. In my case sometimes at sushi bar near the counter bar and the sushi chef is standing there and then he recognizes my voice maybe from radio voice overs, then the chef might say, “I think”. and I say “No, I am not him.” And a chef heard me ordering and said “Hey are you Demon Kogure?” and I said, “No, that’s not me, I’m not Demon Kogure!” (In a high pitched female tone)Scan 224_2

LUKE: Almost no one recognizes me so I can buy erotic magazines. (Lots of clapping, and laughter from the ladies)

RAIDEN: No one recognizes me and when I am in the music shop to buy new drumsticks I am there standing in front of a poster of myself and no one still notices it’s me.

XENON: And I am almost never recognized at the music shops and I will ask, “Is this a good bass guitar?” and I will be playing the bass and the shop clerk will say, “Hey customer, you are really good on the bass, have you thought about going pro?” This happens to me a lot.

JAIL: In my case, I have had a career also masquerading as a human musician, so they recognize me but I pretend not to be him. I say, “That’s not me and I fake ’em out.”



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RAIDEN: During the debut of Seikima II we were touring live clubs and I was on the tour bus with everyone in Kyoto and after the show was over I was the only member on the bus. The club owner came out and a female member of Music Chase was asked how is the promotion company doing while not recognizing me even though I just played at the club (in Akuma form).

JAIL: After just finishing a Black Mass in 1985 we then transformed into human form to eat and there were a bunch of groups behind us at a restaurant talking about the show and they had no idea that the band they were talking about was us sitting right behind them. Fortunately, they were saying good things.

LUKE: In a place called Koenji, (a hip, musician concentrated area of Tokyo home to live houses, rehearsal studios, eateries, and resale shops) I was walking down the street and a couple of high school kids were coming towards me on bicycles as they were talking and I was in human form. Just by chance one of the bike riders said to his friend, “Hey what do you think about those Seikima II guys?” The guy behind him said, “They suck!”

DEMON: What did you do then?

LUKE: So, I took their heads off, right there.

What kind of equipment are you using on this tour? Also there is a rumor that you once won a Godzilla sound alike contest.

JAIL: We are renting Marshall amps for the tour. I use Aria Pro II guitars and a new limited model was created for this tour and it will be on sale. So, please buy it.


XENON: I am renting Ampeg amp and I play Aguilar Amps made in the USA. I play an Atelier Z bass made in Japan and Fender basses a lot. I use a Jazz and sometimes a Precision bass model. Usually I use a Jazz bass. For Seikima II I almost always use the Jazz bass.

DEMON: Are you saying that Seikima II is a Jazz band?

XENON: Seikima II is not Jazz. Jazz is just the name of the bass. I use the Precision bass when I am playing an R&B session when playing 60’s, 70’s style. I use that bass in these types of recording sessions. Sometimes I use a 5 string bass for fusion music.
And this time I used a 5 string bass.

DEMON: Are you saying that Seikima II is a fusion band?

XENON: Yes, Seikima II is a fusion band. (Demon seemed to agree with Xenon)

DEMON: Next?

kg_galaxy_zeb-1  musicians_m_zenon

RAIDEN: For this tour I am using a DW (Drum Workshop) rental kit. For my snare I am using my personal Ratik snare drum, which I brought from Japan and Paiste cymbals. I also use Ludwig drums. Oh and Demon uses a microphone.

LUKE: I use Killer guitars and Marshall amps.

DEMON: About the Godzilla shout contest in 1982 or 1983. On a radio program when a new Godzilla was being worked on I was a university student, not a professional musician and I called up the radio station. (Imitates Godzilla, flooring the audience) I won $1,000.00 for this and Toho Movie studios pronounced me as the world Godzilla voice champion. (Applause)

After all the years how do you keep your voice sounding so good as it was 25 years ago?

DEMON: Because I am an Akuma!

What do you guys do to have fun in your personal time?

JAIL: I like to take photos and photography and especially flowers, because they are in heat and so erotic. I like to watch them and I like their colors. They are very psychedelic! I also like to play golf, especially when no one recognizes it is me.

XENON: I like movies, especially American films. Since I have come to America I feel like I am walking around in a live American film. I was walking yesterday and I was taking some photos and felt that way.

DEMON: My greatest happiness is to stand in front of the audience and do that for which I have been preparing and get the audience’s reaction. That is my greatest thrill.

RAIDEN: I like video games like Final Fantasy and Fallout and Biohazard.

LUKE: I’m a hard rocker. Sex, drugs and I like cycling. Sex, drugs and bicycling.

AKON STAFF: Do you do them all at the same time?

LUKE: Yes.

DEMON: In Tokyo, Luke rides his bicycle to the studio and the rehearsals at shows. I am driving in my car and I see Luke pedaling by and sometimes in town I come upon Luke just pedaling by on his bicycle.

What is your opinion on the current popular music scene?

JAIL: I am a real music junkie and I buy about 20 or 30 new cds a month and I think the current music scene is extremely interesting. There is a lot of mix between new and old styles and the young guys are really interesting, yet the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan are still plugging away. I think this is the most interesting time to be around in music, Seikima II has come to Dallas! (Screams)

XENON: I think that it is fascinating in this time where there are the young guys out there and the old guys are still going and I think it is extremely interesting and a stimulating time to be in music. With all the young people and old people out there I think some really incredible things are going to be emerging from now. I think there are some great musicians out there who are just about to put out a sound that no one has ever heard before.

DEMON: In this last 10 years I have not bought a single cd. I have received some cds from people that have given them to me, but I don’t go out and buy them. So I really don’t know much about music, but there is something that friends have been purging on me from the Internet. Hatsune Miku (from a program called Vocaloid, where a computer program allows you to enter a melody and a computerized voice will embellish the song) where they are mixing all these voices together. That is what I have been listening to recently. I think this is really interesting. That’s all. (Wows from different females in the audience)

RAIDEN: Thanks to the Internet, especially youtube it’s easy to gather new information and it is a great aid, but on the other hand there is so much information. So it is very important to keep your own sensibilities and be able to hear the stuff with your own ears. That’s the period we are in now.

LUKE: Now people that can’t even go to concerts can make music on their own computer. So there are some really interesting ideas that have appeared because of that. So I think this is extremely cool. So there are expressions that are completely someone’s own and I have a lot of fun with that and it is cool.

DEMON: So people who don’t even play an instrument it is possible for them to make music, but for that same reason the people that are going out live and actually performing in front of people is beginning to decrease. So I think the very best combination is someone who can make music, but also go out and perform it in front of people, like Seikima II! (Lots of applause)


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An international threat for well over 2 decades SEIKIMA II (The End of the Century) on the avex trax record label completed their Intercontinental Black Mass tour in Dallas and Paris coinciding with the upcoming July 28th release of “Akuma Relativity” a follow up to last year’s “Akuma Nativity,” which both contain English lyrics. Combine these with a dual disc set of both albums titled, “A Quarter Century of Rebellion” and you have a monstrous volume of music destined to plague new and old converts across the globe. READ MORE


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