Seikima II Fan Testimony

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On the eve of SEIKIMA II reuniting for their 20th anniversary and 2005 Japan tour a site named The Worst Community on Live Journal appeared that spread the gospel about the band and its disciples. Fast forward 5 years to 2010 and the blog had exploded into a more detailed forum for fans titled, SHINJA WORLDWIDE.

Site administrator Zappin, a young cat from Liverpool, England created an electronic forum where international fans show their devotion and share topics on the group and its members with others. During their performance in Paris an actual book, From Earth With Love: Akumakyo Prayers containing photos and testimonies was delivered to Luke and Jail for H.E. Demon Kakka. The individuals below provided information to MAT on how long they have been worshipping SEIKIMA II, what their impression was of the Black Mass in Dallas, and what their wishes are for the future of the Masters of Visual Kei Rock.

Special thanks to all those who participated and especially, Zappin who has continued to help promote the band via the net for half a decade. Good show, mate!

From Japan to North America, from Russia to England, the Phillippines, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain and all points in between SEIKIMA II and their legendary movement and doctrines continue to spread across the planet in a big way. It is certain that more people are taking notice and the waves of their fandom and revolutionary music will rebelliously last way beyond their first quarter of a century presence in the Japanese rock world.

  • <html><a href=" ‎">Yurinka T.</a></html>

    Yurinka T.

    I’ve been a Shinja for 21 years. Oh my god, more than half of my life!!! I have seen many Black Masses and it does not matter where and when I went I always enjoyed them and painting my face as well. I enjoyed the show because H.E. Demon’s Master of Cermonies technique was perfect, Read More…

  • <html><a href="">John Erigo</a></html>

    John Erigo

    I have been a fan since 2000. It was very frustrating to have discovered the band AFTER they had initially broken up! I was beyond satisfied with the Dallas Black Mass! After 10 years of buying EVERY concert dvd the band released, it was so exciting to see them live, right in front of me! Read More…

  • <html><a href="">Helene Lejeune</a></html>

    Helene Lejeune

    I found out about Seikima-II about a year ago completely by chance while exploring J-Rock thanks to youtube and stumbled upon a live version of “El Dorado” and later “Big Time Changes” and I was completely captivated. Demon Kogure’s voice was so powerful, tears began to well up in my eyes! The rest is history: Read More…

  • <html><a href=" ">Zach Harris</a></html>

    Zach Harris

    I have been a fan for about 6 years and I thought the performance was even better than I expected plus they played a “new” song. (the English version of “Jack The Ripper”) Also, we got to see all the “classic” stage moves such as Demon standing on his head and throwing apples to the Read More…

  • <html><a href=" ‎>Aki Aramoto</a></html>
  • Etsushi Kobayashi

    I am 35 years old and I have had fun enjoying the band since I was an eighth grader. I was really satisfied with their U.S. performance, the music, the talk, and Demon’s way of thinking. I liked it all. Of course I want this revival to last, but think that it might not be Read More…

Linda R. Shadow

Shion Francois

Jennifer B

Two generations of fandom

James Flanigan

Check Out The Seikima II Q and A From their Dallas Appearance at A-Kon!

Imagine if you will an opportunity for Shinjas to actually ask their favorite band questions in a forum in the United States. Once again it was an unbelievable opportunity that most have not heard of even happening in Japan. What an awesome way to cap off the concert and 2 autograph signings they did at AKON-21 in the Republic of Texas… READ MORE

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