Guitar Wolf

Interview by M.G. Keller

One from the vaults! We here at MAT HQ have unearthed something that we’ve been sitting on for quite a while now. The following interview was conducted in 2011, when the band Guitar Wolf was in the middle of their North American tour at the time. The band consists of Seiji (Guitar Wolf), U.G. (Bass Wolf), and Toru (Drum Wolf). Original Bass Wolf and founding member Billy passed away from a heart attack in 2002 at aged 38. 

Guitar Wolf featured heavily in the cult Asian film WILD ZERO – a rock and roll zombie adventure set in Thailand and featuring a horde of Alien-controlled undead monstrosities. Previously they had appeared in the movie SORE LOSERS.

There was no translator on hand for the interview, but the group speaks English well enough that the following interview was possible… or was it? As will be readily understandable once the text is read, the language barrier made for some humorous translation issues. Not the smoothest of all possible interviews, but anyone familiar with Guitar Wolf should find that quite apropos.

The majority of the questions were answered by Seiji, with sparse input from Toru.

Read on, rock on, on we go…

MAT: How difficult was the decision to continue the band after Billy’s death? (Billy was the original ‘bass wolf’ of Guitar Wolf, who passed away from a heart attack at age 38 in 2002)

  Seiji(guitar wolf): Uh… not difficult, because every night his ghost appeared in my pillow. So he said “‘play rock n’ roll, play rock n’ roll”. So I play. I hate ghosts.

How have the old fans of Guitar Wolf accepted U.G.(new bass wolf)?

Old? Oh, old fans, everybody… dirty old men. Always eat young girls.

They eat the young adults?

Young girls.

Oh, they eat young girls.

Everybody is dirty and old. So I need fresh (indicates U.G.) fresh, fresh.

What’s the most dangerous thing that’s ever happened to you guys on tour?

Um.. maybe Brazil. Brazil with piranha. You know piranha fish?

You played with piranha?

I ate piranha.

How were you tapped into doing the guitar parts on Puffy’s ‘Teen Titans’ theme?

Both are my lovers. They are my lovers.

(Toru laughs)

Maybe, I hope so.

How did you end up in the film ‘The Sore Losers’?

Sore Losers? Uh… Sore Losers… (thinks) John Michael McCarthy, the director, he’s crazy. And every Memphis girl loves us too much, so it’s OK.


Guitar Wolf




Do you prefer ‘The Sore Losers’ or ‘Wild Zero’?

I cannot compare. Because very… no good for the two directors. For both movies I’m very ,very happy. Because everybody knows that food product for the zombies… they eat us. If you watch zombies out there, please call me. If I cannot hear you (pretends to blow whistle)

If you can’t hear me blow my whistle like Ace in Wild Zero…

Then I say sorry. You’ll become zombie’s food.

You said in Wild Zero that you did your own stunts…

Long months? No, just one month shoot.

Yes, but you did your own stunts, action.

Ah, Yes yes yes.

Did you get hurt at any point on the film?

No, no no. Of course not . Because every day I ride the motorcycle, since I was a teenager.

Why was ‘Wild Zero’ filmed in Thailand?

Maybe Thailand has many zombies, so I have to go.

Toru (drum wolf): Seiji loves homosexuals.

Seiji: No No No!

Is it true that you’re trying to do ‘Wild Zero 2’?

Maybe the next Wild Zero will be about time travel. Back to the past. Maybe go to the French Revolution. “Wild Zero 2: Marie Antoinette That Loves Wolves”.

Were there any difficulties working with the make-up effects or special effects in the movie?

Special effects? What do you mean special effects?

Explosions, make-up?

I don’t know. The director knows.

Were you a fan of tokusatsu or horror films before making these movies?

Uh.. No. Was that tokusatsu, really?

Well, it was horror and sci-fi


Because your videos and songs have a lot of SF themes – rockets, UFOS, spaceships, etc. Do you like stuff like that?

Yeah, yeah. Sure!

You come on stage to the ‘Battles Without Honor & Humanity’ theme, are you a big fan of that film?

A  so-so  fan. When I used that song a long time, maybe twenty years ago, nobody knew the song from the movie. Now everybody knows. Because Ramones always used ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’. So I was thinking that this movie song was good for us. 

What do you think of the current Japanese rock scene? There’s stuff like you guys, and visual kei and a lot of other things.

(Pause) Nothing. Of course they have every type of rock. So… no problem, Japan has Guitar Wolf. Very strong, because Guitar Wolf is Japanese.

What would happen if you took your sunglasses off during a performance?

A long time ago I had special training at Mt. Fuji. I trained these muscles(indicates back of ear, where his glasses rest). So the glasses will never fall off.

If you could play with any band in the world, who would it be?

I never choose the other bands.

But if you could?

Hmmm… I don’t know. All those people…

Toru: Rolling Stones for me.

Seiji: Uh… AC/DC, Motorhead.

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf

Often times Seiji will bring someone from the audience up on stage to play guitar while he rocks the mic. This was this girl

Often times Seiji will bring someone from the audience up on stage to play guitar while he rocks the mic. This was this girl’s lucky night.