kantaniMeet HIROSHI KANATANI, official MAT artist and Japan Branch Officer.

* Artist Bio *
Birthplace: Kagawa prefecture
Experience: professional comic artist for “Shonen Sunday”
Medium: pen, color pencil, water color, etc.
Hobbies: movies, especially Hong Kong films of Jackie Chan, US movies of Clint Eastwood, Japanese film and TV
Passion: Japanese manga, Tokusatsu, Kaiju, Chinese Kyokaku (Chivalrous Fighters), participant in Chinese Martial arts, fan of combative sports, kick boxing, K-1 Pride, and Pro Wrestling

Career Note: apprenticed under Sensei and friend, Kenichi Muraeda (Kamen Rider Spirits/Bandai Visual Artist). Worked with Muraeda sensei on “Masterpiece,” “Our Field of Dreams,” and fantasy heart felt stories in “Shonen Sunday.” Interior and back cover artist for MAT #11.

If you are interested in original one of a kind art created by someone passionate about icons loved around the world you have come to the right place.

We are happy to offer Kanatani-san’s artwork for purchase, starting with his bloody awesome rendition of KAMEN RIDER AMAZON fighting KANIJUJIN. Click the thumbnail below for more info.


More artwork to become available soon.

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