Kaiju Eigasai Night on Dec 26, 2015 in Osaka, Japan included the following movies back to back: RODAN, GAMERA & GODZILLA vs. KING GHIDORAH respectively celebrating landmark anniversaries! The sold-out event co-hosted by CAST Japan included guest stars: Robert Scott Field – M11 from GODZILLA vs. KING GHIDORAH and Akitoshi Ohtaki from ULTRAMAN TIGA (Seiichi Munakata).

M11 technical machine from GODZILLA vs. KING GHIDORAH was developed with Mr. Field and photo cards from the 1991 movie with special effects directed by Koichi Kawakita all sold out very very quickly. It was a great night for fans and professionals rouding out 2015 building a time warp momentum into 2016.

The M11 machine retailing for ¥2,160 (approx. $18.30) was CAST’s first ever GODZILLA licensed item with a blinking light and first M11 item to boot, patterned after the machine that controls MECHA KING GHIDORAH in the 23rd century. 200 were made and 200 sold out in a flash! The M11 machine was also seen recently at Super Festival 70 in Tokyo.

For more information and official goods from Robert Scott at his official M11 site: