Koichi Kawakita, RIP

GODZILLA SPFX Director KOICHI KAWAKITA has left the world but not before creating some of the greatest effects in Heisei Era GODZILLA films! Starting under EIJI TSUBURAYA in GORATH (1962) to his cameo in GMK (2001) to his official role as historian and exhibit coordinator ensuring the King of Monsters presence remained larger than life he did it all his way. Monster Attack Team was fortunate to interview the legend and sit in on press conferences 3 times over recent years in Tokyo and L.A. During the GODZILLA 60TH Anniversary Exhibition sponsored by his company Dream Planet Japan at Ikebukuro Sunshine City World Import Mart from Aug 2 – 17, 2014 he made it clear that tons of foreigners flocked to the exhibit to pay their respects to the legend of GODZILLA. We now pay our respects to the man who left the earth destined for Tokusatsu fantasies beyond our imagination on his birthday Dec 5, 2014 at 72 years young. Check back for our exclusive interview with KOICHI KAWAKITA conducted at the exhibit. Special thanks to Kawakita-san and Dream Planet Japan for making a lot of Kaiju Fans dreams come true. Our previous interview with KOICHI KAWAKITA in print is available in G-FAN #107 here: http://www.g-fan.com/html/gfan_latestissue.php Image by NORMAN ENGLAND for Monster Attack Team.